Teaching is exhausting.

I fixed the age data persistence issue (with data from other saves or servers getting copied to your current world). I’d implemented a semi-hack -fix on the Age Data to make it consistent for the server worlds. Now I’ve hack-fixed that to make it clear that data when the world changes. 😛
The actual issue is with how such data is handled. I’d expected it to be consistent and stored once received, but Minecraft seems to like to create clones of it. I understand what’s going on and it’s reasonable, it just doesn’t work well for me. In lieu of implementing a better data tracking system this will have to do.


My lectures start tomorrow so I have obviously been devoting most of my work time to that. My lecture slides are all laid out and I’m only missing some content for the last two days. I know what I will be talking about each day and what I’ll cover, I just need to fill in some blanks and add some pictures.

I managed to get the UI working for the book stands without too much difficulty. SamuelWolve’s images look great. 🙂 I played for a little bit with trying to get the link panel to actually display the other world, but I will have to wait on that until I have more time to play with the render code. I know the theory behind it, but not how to actually execute it in jogl.

I still haven’t updated the dev page for Mystcraft. I’ll try to do that tonight, if I’m not stressing about my slides.


Getting things done all round. My lectures and presentation are moving along slowly. The play performances start tonight.

I’ve also worked on Mystcraft. More than I really intended to, actually.

  • Tweaked the crystal generation code (increased valid locations)
  • Fixed the receptacle not dropping when broken
  • Tried to prevent non-linking items from being placed in receptacles
  • Refactored the age symbol and controller code in preparation for the API

The API is being worked on and is something I hope to have a basic version of fairly soon. I have a dry-erase board full of items to work on as well. Some of them will obviously not make it into the next release and will simply end up on the dev page, but they stay on my board until I write them all down. 😉

Also, Samuel Wolve has provided me with the images for the book GUI. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it look as nice as he did.