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This is just a partial list and not all listed features are guaranteed.


  • Linkbook Stand GUI
  • Unified Book GUI
  • Viewer Panel in GUI
  • Improved Writing Desk
  • Travel sound effect


  • Descriptive Book Crafting
  • Linking Book Crafting
  • Alter Finalization of Linking Books
  • Quality of items used affects Age stability score
  • Intra-Age Books
  • Following Books
  • Disarming Books


  • Can Create and Link To Ages
  • Writing Desk
  • The ability to name Ages
  • The ability to (re)name Linking Books
  • System for displaying symbols in Agebook
  • System for selecting symbols in Agebook
  • Automatic selection of symbols for missing logic
  • System for changing symbols in Agebook
  • Ability to copy a linking book
  • Ability to copy from a notebook
  • Ability to name a notebook
  • Weighted Probability for Symbol Selection


  • Void Symbol (no terrain)
  • Canyons
  • Craters
  • Vertical Biomes
  • Domed Biospheres
  • Floating Islands
  • Blendable Fog Colors
  • Blendable Sky Colors
  • Blendable Sunset Colors
  • Blendable Cloud Colors
  • Radial Biome Controller
  • Additional Biomes
  • Additional World Features (ancient temples, ruins)
  • Unique Time in Ages
  • Unique Weather in Ages


  • Decay Blocks
  • Improve Decay Block Lag Issues
  • Decay tick rate depends on Age Instability
  • More Advanced Terrain Deformation
  • Environmental Effects
  • New forms of instability
  • A New Entity


  • Portals
  • Crystal Viewer
  • Fire Marbles
  • Hazard Suit
  • Floating Blocks


  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Cave Civilizations
  • Pre-generated books in special dungeon-like places in Ages


  • Inter-Dim tp command: tpx
  • Provide Administrator Control: Disable Symbols by Config
  • Provide Administrator Control: Number of Ages
  • Provide Administrator Control: Size of Ages
  • Provide Administrator Control: Written Age Verification